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Keep it Cool: 5 Ways to Lower Your Summer Energy Costs

Summer in south means a lot of things — fireflies, lake days, backyard cookouts with gallons of sweet tea — but above all, southern summers mean heat. The heavy, humid, sidewalk egg-frying heat we all know and (mostly) love. The kind of heat that drives people to stay indoors and enjoy the air-conditioning. With temperatures

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Employers are bringing Distracted Driving Policies in the Workplace

Recently, more and more companies have started to implement new policies that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. And the reason is easy to understand, texting or using the phone while driving is one of the leading causes when it comes to motor vehicle accidents; it’s also against the law in Georgia and

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Distracted Teens Driving is Still a Problem Affecting You and Your Insurance

Georgia has joined several other states in implementing initiatives to crack down on distracted driving by becoming a “hands-free” state. However, that has not stopped many people from driving distracted. Our phones have become one of the biggest influences in our daily life. Whether you’re receiving notifications from social media apps, emails, text messages, or

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Umbrella Insurance: The Insurance Coverage You Had No Idea You Needed

So you’ve purchased a primary insurance policy to avoid financial situations that could cause devastating injuries and property damage to others, but is that primary insurance enough to thoroughly cover you and your assets? Fortunately, having an umbrella policy can provide additional coverage if you face costs due to a liability claim. So What is

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