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Quick, Easy and Affordable Commercial Surety Bonds in Woodstock, GA.

Get the right surety bond design for your business at the best price in the market. During ordinary operations procedures, even the most careful startups and small businesses run the risk of having workplace injuries or sustaining property damage.

Commercial Surety Bonds are usually required by state laws and statutes, and guarantee some aspect of a principal’s occupation. At Founders Insurance, we can offer you many types of commercial surety bonds: license and permit bonds, court bonds, and public official bonds are the main sub-types.

Commercial bonds we provide:

  • License and permit bonds include specialized bonds such as contractor’s license bonds, broker’s bonds (including mortgage, insurance and title agency bonds), ERISA (employee retirement income security act) bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, and many more.
  • Court bonds include fiduciary bonds and judicial bonds, such as appeal bonds, probate bonds, injunction bonds, mechanic’s lien bonds, administrator bonds, guardian bonds and trustee bonds.
  •  Public official bonds assure the honesty and faithful performance of those individuals elected or appointed to public office such as commissioners and judges.
  •  Auto dealer bonds, or motor vehicle dealer (MVD) bonds, help to assure the general public that the dealer works in accordance with the law.
  • Liquor bonds guarantee compliance with federal and state laws pertaining to the sale, manufacturing and warehousing of alcohol.
  • Lottery bonds are required for any establishment with a lottery machine. The bond guarantees proper use of the machine to ensure there is no fraud or abuse to the state lottery system.
  • Utility bonds are financial guarantee bonds that ensure the payment of utility bills.
  • Warehouse bonds guarantee that goods stored in a warehouse will be delivered on presentation of a receipt.

See how much you can save on surety bonds! We know how important safety is, and we understand the competitive moves that are always taking place in your industry. We know how to help you manage risk in difficult economic times. Let our experienced agents provide you with an in-depth coverage review to make sure you have the right coverage at the best possible price.

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