Crime Insurance Protects Your Company from Fraud, Theft, and Forgery

much as we may hope that people around us are good, that’s not always the case.
Therefore, everyone must protect themselves. Just as you have insurance to
cover your car should it get stolen, you need to protect your business from
fraud, theft, and forgery. Selecting the right coverage from your specific
business is a necessity for the longevity of your success. Business crime
policies need to be purchased separately as business crimes are not covered
under commercial property insurance.

insurance policies are designed to meet the needs of organizations and
government entities other than financial institutions (such as banks). They
provide coverage against burglary, robbery and other forms of theft.

Crime Insurance Can Protect You from Internal Theft

you hope that anyone you’ve trusted and hired will act professionally in their
employment with you. However, as a business owner and employer, you want to
make sure your business is protected against any dishonest acts of your
employees including damage to your property, fraud or theft of a client’s
property. Your business likely has some type of intellectual property that is
confidential and even that can be stolen and used elsewhere.

A commercial crime policy typically provides several different types of crime coverage such as employee dishonesty coverage, forgery or alteration coverage, computer fraud coverage, funds transfer fraud coverage, kidnap, ransom or extortion coverage, money and securities coverage, and money orders and counterfeit money coverage. The cost of a crime policy can save you from enormous losses in the long run. Contact Us today and one of our licensed agents will evaluate the risks associated with your business and help you get the crime insurance that fits your business and industry.