Going Back to Work? Here’s a Few Suggestions to Stay Safe

The country is slowly reopening after the Covid19 shelter in
place orders. Even if you are hesitant, reopening may be a necessity for your
business. This has been hard for everyone, and we are all sympathetic to the
needs of our community. So, if you are one of the many businesses coming back
online, we have the top 3 things you should do to keep everyone safe.

3 Top Ways to Keep Your Employees and Clients Safe if
Reopening Your Doors

Keep Your Distance. This one may be the most obvious, but to extra cautious, you may need to put a few new regulations in place. Make sure desks are 6 feet apart. Consider putting up walls similar to cubicles. If you have a larger office staff, you may even want to figure out an office schedule where people come in shifts or alternate days, if possible. Overall, just implore your staff to keep their distance from each other.

Clean, Clean, Clean. Think of your office as a medical space. Sanitize and disinfect surfaces often, especially any place that people touch frequently such as doorknobs, kitchen appliances, and bathroom sinks. Consider purchasing disinfecting wipes for your staff so that they can wipe down their work areas. And implore your staff to wash their hands regularly. Consider having a fun sign in the bathroom such as this one.

Upgrade Filtration. A rather inexpensive way to keep the air clean is by changing and upgrading the filters in your HVAC system. If germs do get into the air, this will help cut the chances of them spreading. Additionally, having a separate air purifier can help. If your staff have personal air purifiers they want to bring in, encourage them to do so.

While some of these measures may seem over the top, better
safe than sorry
! If we all work together and communicate, we can create
safe environments for both staff and clients. We all want the world to go back
to normal, so let’s help make that happen by adding a few extra things to our
daily routine. And above all, if someone is feeling ill… STAY HOME! Remind
your staff that you prefer them to get better before returning and assure them
that the business will be taken care of in their absence.