How to Host a Great Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and you want yours to be the one everyone talks about next year. Whether you’re hosting a small dinner, a family gathering, or a champagne-soaked all night event, here are a few tips to keep your guests happy (and safe!) as you celebrate. 

Set the scene.

Any hostess with the mostest will tell you that a party is all about ambiance. Create a unique tablescape, add a few extra sparkles to the tree, or provide your party guests with hats, noisemakers, and other accessories. Make a custom playlist with everyone’s favorite holiday songs. You can even take it a step further and get everyone involved with a theme, complete with costumes and special food and drinks! We hear the Roaring 20’s are making a comeback — dust off those pinstripe suits and beaded headbands and ring in 2020 with style!

Keep everyone safe. 

Take a few moments to clear your walkways and entrances of ice or other debris. If you have pets, consider keeping them in a bedroom for the night so they aren’t freaked out by lots of new people and noises. If you’ll have more kids around than usual, check that all of the outlets, cabinets, and stairs are safe from curious little hands and feet. Most importantly, if you’re serving alcohol, make sure your guests have safe rides home. 

Enjoy the moment.

The reason we love the holiday season is that it gives us a chance to celebrate with our friends and family, whether we see them often or only once a year. Take a few moments away from your hosting duties to enjoy the time you’re sharing. Don’t worry about keeping the appetizers warm or the drinks full. Your guests are there because of you, and years from now you’ll want to remember the conversations you had, not the fact that you ran out of bean dip too early. 

There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays with friends and family. From the first day of Christmas until the first verse of Auld Lang Syne (because come on, who remembers more than that?) the holiday season is meant to be fun and festive. No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope your days are happy, merry and bright.