How We’re Operating During the Covid 19 Pandemic

This is not news. We are all dealing with the Covid 19
Pandemic across the globe. Some would say it’s a new world we’re operating in,
and, just like everyone else, we are taking this virus seriously and making
sure to keep our staff and clients safe.

Luckily, we already had many of our plans in place and have
practiced them during snow days and other inclement weather that would make it
difficult for us to have a fully staffed office. We always want to make sure
our staff can stay safe while also ensuring the care and time they need with
their families. Secondly, we want to make sure we are still carrying out the
promise we make to give quality customer service to our clients.

Steps to Keep Our Staff and Clients Healthy During the Pandemic

So, to ensure all these things are a priority, here are the
steps we’ve taken:

  1. We are allowing the majority of our staff to
    work from home. Because a majority of our services can be conducted with our phones,
    computers and a healthy internet connection, many of our staff have been able
    to remotely log into their computers and work from their own home office. We
    have all office phones forwarding to their cellphones so that they can be
    contacted directly through their existing phone numbers. Communication is going
    as smoothly as it always has.
  2. We are not allowing more than 5 people in the
    office at any one time. That includes staff and clients. We are communicating
    with each other to schedule necessary times in the office, and anyone in the
    office is working in their own somewhat secluded workspace. We are abiding by the
    6ft social distancing guidelines. And, again, we are asking those that can work
    from home to remain there.
  3. We are doing most, if not all, work with clients
    over the phone or email. While you may want to come by the office to discuss
    something, we encourage you to call or email instead right now. We feel it is
    the safest way to communicate during this time and we will help you with any
    necessary sending of documents or other information.

We Will Continue to Offer You Quality Service

We promise to keep up the quality service that you are used
to with us. If you’re interested in new policies or changes to a current
policy, we are happy to help. We are continuing with the normal quote process
if you’re looking to find savings in a restrictive budget. We know that many
people may be worried or struggling right now, and we just want to be a place
of comfort and care. So, let us know how we can help you and your family.