Commercial Surety Bonds

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During the procedures of ordinary operations, even the most careful startups and small businesses run the risk of injuring someone or damaging something.

At Founders Insurance, we can offer many types of Commercial Surety Bonds: license and permit bonds, court bonds, and public official bonds are the main sub-types.

  • Court bonds include fiduciary bonds and judicial bonds, such as appeal bonds, probate bonds, injunction bonds, mechanic’s lien bonds, administrator bonds, guardian bonds and trustee bonds.
  • Public official bonds guaranty the honesty and faithful performance of those individuals elected or appointed to public office such as commissioners and judges.

When it comes to liability protection, the broader the coverage, the better. Business liability insurance covers your business in the event it is responsible for causing harm to a person and/or damage to property. It also helps cover the cost of your defense. If someone sues you for personal injuries or property damage, the cost of defending and resolving the suit would be covered by your liability insurance policy.

Founders Insurance Group’s experienced agents understand how serious a lawsuit is for a small business. Contact us today and one of our licensed agents will evaluate the risks associated with your business and help you get the commercial general liability coverage that fits your business and industry.

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