Small Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents

There are plenty of work-at-home options for parents in 2020–you just need internet access, a business license and business insurance. Some jobs have a few educational requirements, but there are options for all different kinds of industries and all levels of experience. 

With this list we genuinely considered, and agreed, that a mom or dad could do these jobs at home, even with small children in tow. Many parents look for jobs they can do with flexible hours, making it ideal to put in the time before and after bedtime, and for even smaller children, during those glorious nap times. 

Here are some small business ideas for creative parents looking to work from home. 

7 Small Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents 

Teach Children English online: Other than a personal computer, headset, and WiFi, this requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree (in any field) and an easy to obtain TEFL Certificate. You use the teaching materials provided to teach English to Chinese children aged 5 to 10. This job is especially unique because it often takes place before the rest of your household is awake. 

Travel agent: People need great planners and quick thinkers to plan their vacation. You will need to obtain your ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and your IATA (International Air Transport Association) to issue tickets while receiving a commission. 

Copywriter/Editor: Are you a creative and/or talented writer? Do you care about language and grammar? Businesses need advertising and marketing materials written for their blog, website and/or social media. As a copywriter you can create your own content, or as an editor, people can hire you to proofread and edit theirs.

Bookkeeping: This can be as simple or complex as your clients’ need. Some easier arrangements are as simple as sending digital versions of receipts, which need organizing for taxes. More involved bookkeeping may require certification and understanding more detailed tax prep.

Child-centered services: Whether it’s tutoring and teaching in-home classes or running a daycare, there are plenty of business opportunities involving children. Bonus points for you if you can take care of your own and earn income taking care of others. 

Secret Shopper: Businesses contract you to shop, search or question personnel incognito at their establishment. The tasks are generally quite specific and they will have you rate your experience. This is a unique business as you not only get paid for your time, but you get to keep whatever it is the client asks you to purchase. 

Online Community Manager: Similar to starting a copywriting business, businesses need social media managers to engage with their customers on social media platforms to encourage engagement. Your services may include answering direct questions, or simply replying to customer comments. 

Starting a business from home is exciting, but it’s important to also consider your needs in terms of any legal requirements and insurance protection you may need. Founders Insurance has 85 years of combined experience in understanding businesses’ needs. 

As a small business owner, we’re here for you—let us help you navigate through purchasing small business insurance.