Summer is Here! 5 DIY Projects You and Your Family Can Do Together

The kids are out of school. The weather is getting HOT. And
you need some ideas to keep the whole family entertained. Whether you’re
looking for arts and crafts projects or a chance to get your hands a little
dirty, we’ve got 5 ways to spend some quality time with your people this

5 Fun Do-It-Yourself Projects

: Speaking of hot weather, why not add a little color to cool your life?
Adding a little color to the blades of your fan will create a rainbow effect
when turned on. It’s a very easy project that only requires a fan with a
removable cover and some paint. Create this project for fun and hours of visual

Tin Can
: You will need a few extra supplies for this one, but the end
result is gorgeous! Your family can work together to create these decorative
luminaries that will help brighten up your backyard or add a little ambiance to
the house. You can get creative with your designs, allowing the artists in your
family to shine!

Window Box:
For those that like to get their hands dirty, this is not only very easy to
make, it will only cost you $3.12! This one does require some power tools, so
consider that before purchasing the material. You can use hand tools, but the
difficulty level goes up. With a little work, though, you and your family will
have a beautiful little spot for your flowers, a place where you can admire
them from the inside and the out.

Beverage Station: Cute, fun to make, and a functional piece of décor! This easy project takes a few different pieces to put together, but with a little glue, you have a beverage cooler along with little storage pails for any outdoor gathering. Hit your local hardware store to support the community, and bring home this little project of delight.

Melted Bead
: For the crafty ones in your family, this DIY project is a
blast. It will require a little baking, so make sure you are supervising, but
overall, it’s a very easy project. You can make many different varieties and
color patterns leading to hours of fun. Find everything you need at the local
arts and crafts store and just grab an old metal baking dish.

These are just a few of the many projects you can do this
summer to spend quality time with your family and friends. Beat the heat and
the summer boredom by becoming the life of the party!