What You Need to Know About Contractor’s Insurance

Are you a general contractor or subcontractor? You are
probably required to carry contractor’s insurance by the various laws and
clients you work for. If you’re not sure whether you are required to carry this
insurance or how much coverage to have, make sure to research your local laws
and specify what type of businesses you work for to find out what is required
of you. You may also have contract-specific requirements based on the type of
jobs you’re performing. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Call us! We’re
here to help. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Would I Need Insurance as a Contractor?

There are several types of insurance that cover this
particular type of business. But they all point to one thing – protection.
Whether it’s for the safety of your employees, your clients, your equipment, or
more, accidents happen. By purchasing insurance, you will save yourself a lot
of time and money. When accidents happen, insurance will help with medical
bills, fixing property, equipment and more. Visit our site to learn more

Insurance and Surety Bonds for Contractors

At Founders Insurance Group, we specialize in providing
insurance and surety bonds to contractors. We will work with you to find the
right coverage your company needs and we have access to premier carriers that
provide the best possible coverage at competitive prices.

We have multi-state capabilities for contractors working
outside of the state of Georgia. We can build a package including general
liability, workers’ comp, business auto, property, equipment, builders’ risk,
and any other coverage your company needs.

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